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professional naming

for the healthcare &

pharmaceutical industry

the integrated approach

The world gets smaller and markets converge, so

if you operate worldwide it is logical to use brand names that can be used everywhere.

But you know that's easier said than done. 

Because when you need a really international name, there are lots of hurdles to take and you need a team that really works internationally, takes all criteria and regulations into account and helps you to reach that goal.

Since 2005 we have put together a team that can offer you exactly what you need, by combining 

health & pharma specialists with relevant know-how and experience in the dedicated expert unit 

professional guidance: 

At we do not live on old successes, but understand that we are as good as our latest project. Remaining focused on getting better is in our DNA. By giving personal and involved attention and guidance by dedicated professionals, we think we can do better in strategic creativity, user appeal and regulatory approvement than our great example Brand Institute.                                          We like to do things the way they should actually be done. In fact, we won’t settle for less. Our dedication to quality and value never ends, and everything we do contributes to a singular goal: 100% customer satisfaction in the unique cooperation of selected professionals working in Globrands or with the GNN network agencies, their pharmaceutical or medical profession, or their own specialized agency. 

In the dynamics of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry and the challenges they are faced with, the importance of professional guidance in the name and brand development process and the regulatory approval is significant. So be sure to make the best possible start as you enter the market. Because healthcare and pharma naming is a complex matter and requires an integrated approach in which the relevant disciplines combine their strengths in order to get the best results possible. 

Moreover, in our GNN Global Naming Network we share projects, know-how and experience with first-class naming creatives, linguists, regulatory experts, intellectual property lawyers, and research companies all over the world.



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