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In the dynamics of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, the importance of professional guidance in the brand development process and the relevant regulatory approval is significant. Therefore we formed a dedicated international expert unit for pharma and medical naming projects, Globrands pharma naming, with experts in every discipline necessary.


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Dijkstra Taurel LLM/MBM


brand & naming strategist

Globrands consultancy

Very experienced naming and branding strategist. Started Globrands in 1984 and developed the pharma naming discipline as a personal interest. Much sought-after advisor and worked on hundreds of companies and international health and pharma projects. Studied Intellectual Property and takes special interest in the regulatory and submission aspects that come with international health and pharma naming.

Madeline Du Perron

senior consultant and

project manager

Globrands consultancy

Experienced international naming consultant, 10 years with Globrands after 5 years with Interbrand. Worked as project manager and consultant on projects for Pfizer, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Bayer, Teva and Reckit-Benckiser. Madeline has a particular interest in the combination of verbal and visual branding and the way these come together on the packaging and in the company's brand portfolio.

Judith Heikoop MsC PhD

senior pharma specialist

Life Sciences Business Development

Senior executive on the interfaces of Biotech, Pharma, Medical technology and Food. Developed technology and service platforms for novel drugs discovery, created solutions for personalized medicine. Research Scientist Target Discovery at Organon, Consultant at McKinsey & Co, BD Director of Crucell, Head Metabolic Business, Numico, NBD manager DSM, interim business manager BioSummit. 

Greet Sterenberg PhD

sr consultant pharma qualitative and quantitative WeJane market research

Studied sociology and anthropology, worked for over 20 years for Research International. Coordinated international investigation into numerous pharma and medical projects. Won several awards for her work as the Esomar Fernanda, best Case Study and WPP Atticus. Former Global Director Qualitative at Research International and Research director at IMS Healthcare. Now Managing director of WeJane research

Alex Zwiers Pharm. D.

Regulatory expert

Zwiers Regulatory Cons. 

CEO and owner Zwiers Regulatory Consultancy.

Alex has twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, most of which dedicated to Regulatory Affairs within NV Organon, which became Merck Sharp and Dome. Alex is a reliable and scientifically educated business partner, guiding  his team of consultants, helping them make the most of their scientific and regulatory knowledge to your benefit. 

Liza Leijenhorst PhD

Name creation and verbal branding consultant

Dedicated verbal branding expert with great experience in all kinds of health, medical and pharma projects. Writes in several health and medicine related magazines and blogs and works for over 10 years with Globrands on health and pharma related name creation and verbal branding projects. Specialised in capturing the essence of a product, service or concept in short copy or a distinctive name.

Prof. dr Donald Uges MD

molecule expert and advisory board

Emeritus professor in pharmacy, toxicology and drug analysis at the Groningen University. Sworn in as a permanent judicial expert, performing regularly as expert witness in several lawsuits. Ph.d. in 1982 (4-Aminopyridine, Clinical Pharmaceutical, Pharmacological and Toxicological Aspects) and received successively the notes of toxicological researcher and clinical pharmacologist and forensic examiner (DABFE). 

The Global Naming Network

Thanks to our partners in the Global Naming Network (GNN), Globrands has access to creative and cultural naming expertise around the world. GNN is the world’s leading network of independent naming consultants, with offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. By bringing together naming partners who are natives in the countries in which they operate, we create distinctive, culturally relevant, and legally available names that effectively target customers anywhere in the world.

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For online fieldwork services we cooperate with Medefield's Healthcare Advisory Board, comprised of key healthcare professionals, physician thought leaders, nurses, pharmacists and patients who offer their opinions and views on a variety of healthcare issues by participating in online market research surveys. Medefield's Healthcare Advisory Board is unmatched in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia and offers a voice from the world of medicine.

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About and GNN

The Global Naming Network (GNN), headquartered in Geneva, is the world's largest network of independent naming and brand identity agencies.


With around 240 cooperating naming and branding specialists in 16  countries, from Beijing to New York and from Seoul to Paris, GNN works for clients ranging from large multinationals to small startups all over the world.

Pharmaceutical projects are coordinated from the GNN office in Amsterdam by the pharma naming specialists of Globrands.

The website is dedicated to our expertise and work for the health & pharma industry.


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