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integrated brand name development

an international pharma concept needs

In the dynamics of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, the importance of professional guidance in the brand name development process and the relevant regulatory approval is significant. So be sure to make the best possible start as you enter the market. Because world wide pharma naming is a complex matter and requires an integrated approach in which the relevant disciplines combine their strengths in order to get the best results possible.


This means that in the process of the brand name development, additional legal, linguistic and regulatory restrictions come into play. Globrands' expert unit Pharma naming turns these restrictions into opportunities and is used to dealing with a variety of cultures and regulations.


When you need a really international name, you need a really international network. Therefore we have made sure we can offer you just that and have combined a team of highly professional specialists with relevant experience, in Globrands' Pharma Naming, in their profession or in their own agency.  Because as the world gets smaller and markets converge, it is logical to seek for just one brand name for your product everywhere. 


Moreover, via our Global Naming Network we share projects, knowledge and experience  with first class naming creatives, linguists, attorneys, regulatory experts and research companies all over the world.

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