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New corporate brand Genuone sciences

Genuone is a leading pharmaceutical CDMO (Contract Development Manufacturing Organization) in South Korea capable of providing a wide coverage of drug dosage forms including oral solid, capsules, liquids, injections, and ointments

The name GENUONE was created to evoke the ideas of “GENUINE” and “ONE.” GEN, short for “genuine,” to convey the company's commitment to sincerity and loyalty toward customers. ONE signifies the determination to be The Best Team. Those values are fully instilled in the Genuone Sciences name. Recently established after the acquisition of well-known pharma businesses, Genuone Sciences is a specialized CMO pharmaceutical company that harnesses rich experience and advanced technology in drug development, clinical development capabilities and the most high-end production facilities in the nation. Genuone works to be trusted as a true partner for clients.

Offering an extensive portfolio of pharmaceutical products essential to the future health and happiness of humanity, Genuone Sciences is launching a new era in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

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